Swift Playgrounds in the Classroom

Over the past 6 months I have been writing a multi-touch resource to help guide teachers through the growing number of resources available for teaching Swift.  I have been writing the book with two fellow ADE's from the other side of the world.

Probability with Swift

I have recently remixed and reworked a mathematics investigation which was originally written for Scratch with my ex-colleague Jan Honnens .  The main purpose of this activity was to showcase the capabilities of Swift Playgrounds and how to bring new life into old resources with multi-touch interactivity to give students the necessary feedback to engage with course material.

Developing Swift Playgrounds Course Material

Since the release of Swift Playgrounds at WWDC in June 2016 I have been madly learning how to develop playgrounds so that I can utilise them in the courses I teach.  This has meant not only learning the markup, but also converting my resources over to Swift 3 with very limited documentation.  In this article I would like to share some of what I have learnt from developing these playgrounds and the surrounding course material.

Technology-enabled Assessments

The aim of the Tea Road Project was to modify the “pen pal” experience and allow Chinese and Australian students to open a dialogue, thus exposing the students to different cultures through modern mediums. 

App-Astra: the iPad reaching it's potential

“Ad astra” is a Latin phrase meaning “to the stars”.  This blog post summarises by student-focused session at Slide2Learn 2013, encouraging a positive view of the tablet for senior students who are particularly reluctant to adopt the technology late in their high school journey.

EDU Essentials List

Over the past year I have developed an Essential Educational Application List. One of the biggest mistakes schools can make with their iPad programmes it to overburden students and staff with a device packed with applications which never get used. 


The following video explains the concept of ‘workflows’. Due to the limited functionality in some applications it is necessary to use multiple applications to get the desired effect or end result.