Virtual Reality Viewer using ARKit

Virtual Reality is pitched to be one of the up and coming trends in education, however, like all aspects of education “Content is King”. Without the content VR Headsets are fated to sit on shelves and grow dusty. With this project I wanted students to not only develop an App using ARKit, but also experiment creating their own VR content.

mBot Swift Cheatsheet

I developed this mBot Swift Cheatsheet to assist students as they unpack the functionality of the mBot. The cheatsheet shows explains how the basic sensors work as well as giving them the basic syntax to get their mBot moving.

Swift Teacher Playground Subscription

One of the most exciting things which game out of the World Wide ADE Institute in Austin, Texas this year was a collaborative project. Several teachers were interested in the idea of using Swift Playgrounds (or coding in general) in their classrooms, however, they were not sure how it would fit with their subject or were unable to make relevant resources.

Modify version number of Pages ePubs

On November 2018, Apple announced an update to Pages which allowed publishing directly to the Book Store without the use of iBooks Author. While the functionality is excellent, I found there is no way to change version numbers which causes an error when pushing updates via iTunes Producer. This article explains how to fix the error.

Coding Club Cheatsheets for Swift

Apple has recently released Coding Club Kits through Apple Teacher. The kits contain a huge range of resources to help you get your Coding Club up and running. I’ve had a huge amount of success running Coding Club’s across numerous schools. I’ve found that its a great way to identify and engage students who you may not previously have the opportunity to interact with through classroom teaching. This is particularly important if you’re in a technology integration role with limited teaching responsibilities.

Pulling live data from USGS to Swift Playgrounds

While presenting last weekend, I was inspired by a presenter who was pulling earthquake data from the United States Geological Survey, an activity which is showcased in Unit 5 of Intro to App Development. This chapter deep dives into Closures and Extensions, as well as, showing how to decode JSON feeds. I then extended this idea to plot the month’s most significant Earthquakes using MapKit.

Classifying Satellite imagery using Machine Learning

I have introduced this project as a means to introduce students to Machine Learning terminology as you gain an understanding of the Machine Learning toolsets. Students don’t need to use any mathematics, you certainly don’t need to know how to write compilers and you don’t need to write an algorithm to use the classifier.

Exploring Art in Virtual Reality

Recently one of our Year 9 students chose to create an animated sculpture entirely in Virtual Reality using the Tilt Brush software.  This has given new insights to what is possible with Virtual Reality and how staff and students will utilise this exciting technology.

Color Switch with Swift Playgrounds

Color Switch is a popular game with over 125 million downloads worldwide. The game is simple and creates attractive visuals using only simple shapes such as circles, lines and squares that are brightly coloured.  We can easily create this game using a "Blank" template from the Starting Points in Swift Playgrounds.

Playground Subscriptions

At Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 it was announced there is now support for third-party subscriptions within Swift Playgrounds. As someone who uses Playgrounds for coursework to match the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum it is a welcome relief that we can now push updated Playground Books to students.