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Modify version number of Pages ePubs

On November 2018, Apple announced an update to Pages which allowed publishing directly to the Book Store without the use of iBooks Author. While the functionality is excellent, I found there is no way to change version numbers which causes an error when pushing updates via iTunes Producer. This article explains how to fix the error.

Exploring Art in Virtual Reality

Recently one of our Year 9 students chose to create an animated sculpture entirely in Virtual Reality using the Tilt Brush software.  This has given new insights to what is possible with Virtual Reality and how staff and students will utilise this exciting technology.

Probability with Swift

I have recently remixed and reworked a mathematics investigation which was originally written for Scratch with my ex-colleague Jan Honnens .  The main purpose of this activity was to showcase the capabilities of Swift Playgrounds and how to bring new life into old resources with multi-touch interactivity to give students the necessary feedback to engage with course material.